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It was my first time ordering. I only order vegetarian options when eating out. I called the restaurant before ordering to ask about the delivery fee( if it goes to the restaurant or delivery person) but the lady did not hardly understand what I was saying, she didnt understand when I asked if there is someone else who speaks English. I left detailed instructions about my black bean quesadilla and veggie Lo Mein and they followed it to the T. Im a good pre- tipper and the delivery man delivered to my apt door although he did have a little trouble finding easy apt number. All was good.


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This place is amazing! We have ordered from here two times now and are very satisfied. The portions are huge for the dinners. The food was very tasty and they are very generous in giving sour cream and salsa. I would also recommend getting the pico de gallo. It's two dollars extra but makes the food taste delicious. Will definitely be ordering from here again!


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Chimichangas were delish & it was still crop when it got to me! Rice and beans were awesome, although I prefer pinto beans. Delivery was right on time, too. I will have to try more items on the menu as well as the chinese food. All in all, I would order again.


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Always fast delivery, pleasant delivery people. My only complaint is they over stuff the burritos thus really turning it into a huge messy soft taco. I stopped ordering the burrito and usually get soft tacos and nachos instead.


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Great grilled fajitas and wonton soup. food was fresh and tasty. they even cooked my food with less salt like i asked. great place great service. I've been a customer for years and they rarely disappoint

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2 reviews
The food was very good. My only issue was that I paid the tip in the order when I gave the driver my money he didnt want to give me my change. He wanted an additional tip. I had to tell him the tip was included and he still didnt want to give me the change. I dont like that. This will make me not want to order from them again.


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The food is very good and arrived hot and on time. The delivery man calls ahead and is nice. The food itself is always delicious and I appreciate being able to get two kinds of cuisines from one restaurant especially since they do them both well. I'm a huge fan of their mei fun and quesadillas. I will keep ordering from this place.


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If you're looking for Tex-Mex not original Mexican this is the place! The food was exactly what I was craving nachos are delicious and the price is right! Not to mention that they showed way before the estimated time. Next time I'll try the Chinese food.


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Food is always great ! Very flavorful! Our food arrived earlier than expected! That happens quite a bit with this restaurant. Love ordering from them! Highly recommended!


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When youre in the mood for both Mexican and Chinese, Tommys Kitchens food is outstanding for either cuisine !

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